What’s the one thing...

25 May 2021

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What’s the one thing….

Without wanting to become some sort of pop-phycologist, here’s a quick question:

What’s the one thing that could change everything?

We’ve all got competing priorities

We have customers who need things. We have staff who need help. We have a new opportunity to chase. We have personal finances that need sorting out.

We all have a list of things.

But, there’s one thing on that list. One Thing which would have a bigger impact than all others. One Thing which could change the dial.

Is it your business?

For some people we work with, it comes down to how they manage their business. It’s the operational business-as-usual which means the business owner gets sucked into the weeds.

For these people, it’s looking which part of the operations is dragging them in. Then coming up with an experiment to test whether that’s right.

So, we might work with a customer who finds it hard to get staff to do their job to a high enough standard. You might then run an experiment to see how their work improves if you trust them to own a job the beginning to end (without looking over their shoulder the whole time).

If the experiment goes well then great – we’ve found the cause of the problem and the business owner can dive into fixing their One Thing.

Is it for your finances?

For others we work with cash is just tight. It’s a constant rat race to pay suppliers, manage the overdraft and deal with ever increasing customer requirements and staff costs.

For these customers, it could come back to working capital levels – asking if there’s enough cash in the business to keep all the plates spinning. Then it’s experiment time again – the business owner asking themselves to calculate how much working capital they need.

If that’s above their head (it often is, and that’s ok – most business owners don’t have accounting degrees!) then maybe the cause of the One Thing comes back to financial awareness. It’s simply a matter of creating systems which generate more financial nous. 

Or is it…

You as the business owner. This is one we often see in customers, and it can also be the most confronting for people. Business owners with trust issues. Business owners taking too much control. Business owners who need to change how they lead their businesses for their businesses to be truly successful.

This has unquestionably applied to me in the past…

So, what’s your One Thing?

Identify what the One Thing for you and your business is. Then come up with an experiment to test how you could solve it.

Honestly though, there’s One Thing. Most people reading this article won’t. It’ll trigger a fleeting thought. Then you’ll get back to that to-do list. You’ll jump back to fighting fires and getting stuff done.

That’s the challenge though – and one we’re working with customers on daily. If you’d like to find out how we work with our most successful customers, and what you can do, reach out. We’re happy to jump on a no-obligation call and talk you through the options.

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