Who we are

We're not the typical cardigan-wearing accountants.

who we are

We're not your regular accountants

To be honest, most accountants are dull. There's a reason there aren't many movies about accountants.

Rest assured, we don't quite fit the stereotype.

We know what you're dealing with

We've grown from the ground up. We've come from no customer base, no networks and no reputation. We know what it takes to be in business.

Most of our team have also run their own small businesses, have rental properties, or have grown up around the dinner table with parents who are self-employed. This means we know the pressures you face – staff, cashflow, and pricing. All while keeping an eye on the next opportunity.

We're quite opinionated

You're going to know what we think. We're not going to hide between a spreadsheet. You'll get transparency between the eyes. We'll help you ask the question you didn't know to ask, and call things as we see it.

To that end, we (honestly) believe that business can change lives. It's our role to educate business owners to create new opportunities. That leads to more family wealth, more employment, and better pathways for your team.

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We've grown our business, bought rentals, and made many of the real world decisions you're facing. Get in touch with the team