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Our Pricing

In short

If we're all clear on the scope, then we'll give you a fixed price tailored to suit your business. To help your cashflow, we can spread the cost over 12 months.

If the scope is fuzzy, then we'll give you a clear estimate of what the work will cost.

Tailored pricing for your business

Every business we work with is different, and what we do for every business is different. As a result, we can't put up a pretty box showing the different packages we offer - everything is tailored to you and your specific business.

After we've met with you, we'll put together a specific plan for you and your business. This will include the scope which is relevant to you (but can always be changed depending on what you need at any point).

To be transparent, we're not the ‘cheapest’ accountant in town. Our prices reflect the service we aim for, along with the experience and knowledge we bring to the table. This comes from building our own business, our tax expertise, and experience with other customers. It also comes down to us not treating customers as a number (like the pun?).

With full support

All our customers receive full support, without having to worry about a time clock ticking and an unexpected bill for a phone call. 

All customers have "free" phone calls and emails included (subject to fair use and people not being too needy). Where work steps outside the scope of the "free" calls and emails we'll let you know prior to us doing the work.

Ultimately, we want to talk to our customers, rather than have people worrying about how much "extra" something might cost.


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